Kickstarter’s “Dragon Tides”

This game is for the gamers who love action. Kickstarter’s “Dragon Tides” is a great tribute to action genre martial arts movies, and video games such as Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Double Dragon. The game is divided into scenarios and chapters through which the story for the game and its characters is derived. In this 1 to 5 player’s game, the players play as Viktoria, Luke, Bruce and Brandon. Each of these characters delves into their story line and brings unique game play as they go up against their enemies. The game is full of amazing characters, as the players proceed in the game, more characters will be unlocked and the enemies will grow stronger and more powerful. The mid bosses and Bosses in the game offer expanded story lines and new combat mechanics. These mechanics are built within their special move cards.

The game play of Kickstarter’s “Dragon Tides” is easy to understand and fun to play. In each turn, the characters will use a dice pool of movement, defense, attack, and tactic combinations specific to their characters. During the combats, the cards will incorporate their own special moves to unleash. Your decisions in the game matters alot, players need to stay careful while making any decision as their decisions will branch out into epic battles and different encounters. Each encounter will either weaken or strengthen the enemy force.

Kickstarter’s “Dragon Tides” is a story driven game with an interesting take on storytelling; it gives you a feel as if you’re in control of a new action movie all on your own, every time you play the game. This game is fast, fluid, addicting, exciting and above all, it is easy to understand and fun to play. All these amazing features and easy game play makes this game a must try.


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