Kickstarter’s “Sienna Storm” – A Must Try

Kickstarter’s “Sienna Storm” is an evolutionary leap for interactive graphic novels. Unlike most novels which are linear, Sienna Storm is complex, replete, branching with interesting choices that change the outcome of the story. The world of “Sienna Storm” features dozens of nonlinear dialogues. In the game, you can manipulate, interrogate or charm people to do things your way, reveal closely guarded secrets, or offer up useful items and equipment. Through dialogues the players can gain or lose influence with characters, and can also win cards to help in order to succeed in the game.

Kickstarter’s “Sienna Storm” is a unique and full of fun comic style video game. Every scene of the game is a hand drawn, animated work of art and there are various actions points the player may select in order to progress in the game. The choices made in the game influence your standings with certain characters and involved parties. The game consists of many interesting challenges to resolve such as hacking computers, combats, tailing enemies, etc. When the players enter these challenges, they play a short strategic card game using a customizable deck. At the start of each game, the players can modify their deck to best fit the situation. You can also add new cards which you have earned throughout the game. This also helps the players to plan a strategy that works best for your personal play style and the mission. The players need to stay careful as the matches are full of dynamic events and based on the story, so the players never know what new enemies, dramatic plot twists, old allies are in the cards.

Kickstarter’s “Sienna Storm” will be available on a PC. It is also reported that soon the game will be available on Mac and other platforms. This game is fast paced, addicting, fun and fluid. Its amazing features makes it a must try.


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