Kickstarter Brings “ZVR Apocalypse” – Shooting Game

Kickstarter’s “ZVR Apocalypse” is a fantastic and foremost a high quality shooting game. The graphics of this game are totally stunning and are layered into a fantastically engrossing world.

In the world of “ZVR Apocalypse” the dead not only stumble but they run, they hide, they hunt and above all, they kill. These zombies are strategic, warmongering and no weapon or any war machine is beyond their grasp. But their most dangerous attack is the contagion they spread. It is a zombie virus that has destroyed humanity and bought it to its keens. In the game, The Zombie Viral Reversal is the last resort which could save humanity. The Zombie Viral Reversal reverses the virus’s diabolical infection domino, forcing the infected to turn back to life like sharks in frenzy. The Zombie Viral Reversal is also important for the uninfected ones, for them the ZVR’s inoculative properties act as a potent vaccine.

The features of this game are amazing. In the game, the players will get to operate Heavy Machine Guns and other High Powered Turrets in First Person with a full virtual body driven dynamically by their head movement. This means that, to aim the gun they just have to look at their target and the virtual body will aim the weapon there automatically. If the players are too much exposed then they can easily take cover from the Hypers hail of gunfire, which gives them a defensive and stable position with increased accuracy to return fire. When not in cover the vision based targeting system reduces the complexity of aiming while in 3rd Person, the player’s just need to look at the enemy and hold down the lock button, this enables the player to look around while attacking enemies, which results in increased situational awareness. But the players need to stay careful as they are less accurate in this mode and might want to seek cover.


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