Kickstarter Brings “Nefarious”

Like hard core games? If yes then you will have so much fun playing Kickstarter’s “Nefarious” this game is about being a bad guy and breaking the rules. You get to do what the villains do best, but you are not the only bad guy in the game, you will encounter many enemies attack throughout your journey in the game. Your main objective in the game is to kidnap the Princess and thwart the hero. The game contains multiple stages, but in every stage your objective remains the same. Above all, your ultimate aim is to conquer the world. In the game you will explore dynamic between princesses and villains. It’s not a dry game; it features many great tunes, which the players will enjoy throughout the game.

Kickstarter’s “Nefarious” is easy to understand and fun to play. In each level, the players will face various different princesses and sometimes kidnapping them may become a bit complicated. A princess with wings will make you lighter than air while you her. A scorching princess may have an adverse effect on your suit and do strange things to your explosive ammo, which may result in something dangerous. These princesses possess different attributes.

Kickstarter’s “Nefarious” is an addicting game for all age groups. It is completely portable and you can easily carry it anywhere to have fun. This game is fast, fluid, fun and full of surprises. Players need to stay attentive throughout the game in order to succeed. Another factor which makes this game interesting is its cast. The cast features many interesting characters. Some of these includes; Crow, Becky, Princess MayApple, Princess Apoidea, Princess FarahDay and many more It is reported that Kickstarter’s “Nefarious” will initially be available on PC, Mac, Wii U and Linux. Its interesting features and amazing game play makes this game a must try.


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