Archos will unveil series of Windows Tablets at Very Affordable Prices

When we come across with the 2-word ‘Windows Tablet,’ we will probably think of Microsoft’s Surface Pro series that comes with a hefty price. However, Archos had just stated that the smaller Windows tablet is fetched at a surprising price of $149, yes you heard it right and this is indeed great news for those who are searching for cheaper tablet that comes with awesome features as well.

The Archos 80 Cesium tablet boasts of a generous 8 inches IPS screen and available at 1,280×800 resolution. The internals of the tablet is beefed up with an Intel quad-core processor and with a design that hasn’t publicized yet.

The tablet is one of the products that Archos will roll out at the upcoming IFA show in Berlin next week. The company will also unveil a complementary Archos Windows Phone and the Archos 40 Cesium. The Archos Windows Phone which carries a price tag of $99 and measures at 4 inches is driven by Windows Phone 8.1, and it is run by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor. Keep in mind that this is the same processor that is anticipated to run the Lumia 530. The phone will available in different colors such black, yellow, and blue.

For the past few months, Intel officials said that a series of cheap 64-bit Android and Windows tablets will be built with Atom chips and available for shipment in the second half of the year. These tablets include ProPad 600 G1 and HP’s ElitePad 1000 which are aimed at people in the business sector. The earlier version of 8 inches Windows tablets such as the Acer Iconia W3 which is introduced at Microsoft’s Build conference in 2013, lacks processing punch and screen resolution to make it a hit, but expect the next wave of Windows tablets to be more powerful and enticing.

In the forthcoming event at IFA, Intel will likely reveal the details of its “Broadwell” chips, which is also called as the Core M. The chips are expected to rejuvenate the market soon, before the holidays set in. Microsoft may roll out a technical preview of the highly anticipated Windows 9 or Threshold operating system.

Archos intends to publicize the Achos 50b Platinum, which is fetched at an affordable price of $149, and Android Kitkat smartphone that comes with 5 inches IPS screen and dual-SIM capacity which is targeted at overseas markets. The smaller version, which is the Archos 50c, is also set to be launched in September. Archos also quipped that it intends to ship the Archos 1010 Oxygen which carries a price tag of $249.

One of the reasons why the price of Android was reduced dramatically is that Microsoft had decided to get rid of the fees for sub-9-inch devices, coupled by using low-cost processors from Intel. With these developments, the Windows tablet market is cinched to thrive in the near future.


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