Kickstarter Brings “Hard West” – A Tactical Shootout Game

“Hard West” is a turn-based squad tactical shootout game with many adventurous worlds to explore. Think X-Com combats with Heroes of Might and Magic world map. This game is full on fast combat. In the game, combat encounter takes not more than 6 to 10 minutes. This makes it short, decisive and bloody. Putting yourself in proper position is not that easy, all it takes is just one well laid shot. In order to survive in the game, the players will have to make good decisions and good predictions, or they will die. The victory is full of risk, but it’s a well calculated risk which is worth taking. The HPs is the game represents the ability of the players to withstand a shot or two and to sustain a powerful blow.

The world of Kickstarter’s “Hard West” is packed with stories, adventures, treasures, hideouts, mysteries, surprises and secrets. The events of the game aim to astonish you with how bad or how good they are. In the game, it is easy to kill and destroy, and very hard to survive and build something. With long enough timeline, player’s survival rate of everything drops down to zero. Weapons are the only thing which the players can easily find in the game. They can also buy anything they desire through drugs and liquor as they are the highest of demands.

The game play of Kickstarter’s “Hard West” is based on five key features. These include; Deadly Sun, Real Nightmares, Shooting Tricks, Gun Experiments and Myths. Hard West sun is not the sun we know; it’s not the life giver, but the life taker. During the combat sun can be blinding, enemies hide in the dark, and spotting an enemy shadow can really turn the tide and take you a step closer to the victory. This game is fast, easy to understand and totally fun. Its easy features makes it a must try and a worthy addition in your collection.


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