Kickstarter Presents “Adventures of Pip”

Kickstarter’s “Adventures of Pip” is an epic 2D side scrolling adventure game the darkness has overcome the kingdom and you are the hero who will devolve and evolve to save the day. In the game, you play as Pip, who is the only one brave enough to stand up against the Skeleton Queen. The Skeleton Queen and her minions have taken control of the land and are planning to destroy the kingdom, and they have also kidnapped the princess. The main objective of players in the game is to rescue the kidnapped princess and defeat the Skeleton Queen in order to save the empire.

Kickstarter’s “Adventures of Pip” pays full homage to old school classics games like Super Mario Bros, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong Country, and Legend of Zelda. The players will devolve and evolve to solve interesting puzzles in the game, and will also have to face the enemies. Each enemy in the game has a weakness, in order to defeat these enemies the players will need to find their weakness that must be unraveled in the worlds.

This game features three different forms which add another interesting flavor to the game. You as Pip can do almost anything in the game. Pip can fit into any crack and can easily bounce great heights that no other can reach. Its lanky limbs enable him to have great agility and explore different areas by running, quick jab and wall jumping. Another thing that makes this game interesting is its enemies. There are many dangerous enemies in the game; the players will need to battle and defeat these enemies in order to win. These enemies includes The Clan of the Skeleton Queen, these creatures are mindless drones of the Skeleton Queen and are built using different pixels. The players will also have to defend themselves from the Giant insects which roam around the woods looking for puny humans to eat.


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