Kickstarter’s “Moon Hunters” An Action RPG Game

Do you like games full of traveling and exploring? If yes then you will totally love Kickstarter’s “Moon Hunters” which is a myth weaving RPG game in which the players will get to travel the world with their fellow Hunters, in the search for the missing moon. This game is a 1 to 4 player action RPG with an ancient and rich world which gets different every time you play. In the game, the players will be involved in many interesting tasks which require their full concentration in the game. The players will get to build up their mythology and tribe as they play, which will help them become the living legend for their deeds.

Kickstarter’s “Moon Hunters” features an ancient, occult world and a Local co-op gameplay like never before. The game also supports solo playing. But if the players get bored of playing alone then they can easily invite their friends and can create legends together. In the game, the players will have to build their mythology. Your actions highlight if you are more of a Survivor or a Trickster or something else entirely. The game is easy to play and understand as seeing one aspect of the mystery only takes about 50 minutes of time, but to understand is completely the players will need to play it a few times.

Kickstarter’s “Moon Hunters” consists of different interesting “Journeys”. Each journey in the game will take only a couple of hours, in which the players can explore one small aspect of the story. After completing each journey, your heros will be remembered as symbolizing their contributions to the world’s history and constellation in the night sky. Another factor which makes this game interesting is that it consists of various interesting and fun characters such as; The Witches, The Spellblade, The Occultist, The Druid, Teller Roa and King Mardokh. This game is fun, fast and fluid which is a worthy addition in your collection


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