Samsung unveils Gear S smartwatch that can make and receive calls

Technology titan Samsung Electronics Co Ltd rolled out the first of its kind smartwatch that can receive and transmit calls even without a mobile device around. The smartwatch which is dubbed as Gear S is the latest offering from the South Korean company. Samsung is leaning towards on the new product to increase further its worldwide sales.

Arguably the world’s largest smartphone producer, the company was so determined in pushing for the mass production of its wearable devices products to ease out the decreasing sales in its mobile department. Samsung just posted weak earnings in the second quarter of the year.

Samsung is not alone in marketing the wearable device as its chief rival Apple Inc, is poised to unveil its own version of the wearable watch which is called iWatch this coming September. Not to be outdone, LG Electronics will also plunge into the new market with its very own G Watch R smartwatch which boasts of a stainless steel frame, circular-shaped plastic OLED screen, leather strap and among other features.

Samsung’s newly dangled wearable device is different from earlier models as it comes with a larger 2 inches curved display and beefed up with WiFi connectivity, pedestrian navigation and a generic GPS. This wearable will operate on Samsung’s emerging Tizen operating system.

While LG stated that its G Watch R will be introduced in major markets in the fourth quarter, without giving hints on the price of the device, Samsung, on the other end, quipped that device will be able this coming October but hasn’t provided any information on the initial price or where it will be accessible. 


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