Harley-Davidson Unveils Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low and its list of 2015 Versions of Motorcyles

Great news big bike fans and aficionados as Harley-Davidson had unraveled its much-coveted and highly anticipated roster of 2015 motorcycles.

The company is embarking on an endeavor of attracting the female and smaller riders on its fold which is a great move since Harley Davidson had earned the distinction of coming up with sturdy and bigger bikes since many moons ago. Harley Davidson is no longer a bike of choice of the well-built men as the lightweight Electra Glide Ultra Classic will be blazing the road next year to the delight of smaller riders from all four corners of the world.

The newly dangled machine is smaller than ever at just 25.6 inches (2 inches shorter than the earlier version). Electra comes with a new suspension that reduces its center of gravity, making it more controllable by smaller riders.

The company said that, “the bike provides the lowest seat height and the highest rider confidence available in a premium touring bike.”

The company is not only putting emphasis on smaller size as Electra handle bar design makes the controls reachable by two inches. This will imply that the hand will be able to reach the clutch and brake with relative ease. The new toe tab extension of the bike also allows the rider to reach comfortably the kickstand.

Harley-Davidson, a company that already carved out a niche in the big bike market made statements before that they will enter uncharted territory. Aside from Electra, Harley Davidson will also unveil Breakout, and Street 500 and Street 750 models, which are all aimed at females, minorities, and smaller and younger riders with renewed determination.

The company is now creating bikes with emphasis on the global market, and the smaller-sized machines are well-suited for riders in countries such as India and China.

Other than the Ultra Classic Low, the company also bared revitalized variants of its Road Glide, CVO Road Glide Ultras, CVO Street Glides, and a newly-built version of its three-wheeled Freewheeler Trike.

The company also publicized an improved braking system for certain Softail models, which will be equipped with ABS as standard equipment and will be built with new front braking calipers that will improve responsiveness and lower hand lever effort by 40 percent.


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