Apple Slated to Introduce iWatch Along With iPhone 6

Apple will roll out its latest which is the vaunted iWatch in September along with the highly anticipated iPhone 6. The wearable device which boasts of many features is an amalgam of cutting edge computer power, sensors, style and innovation. The wearable device has wireless connection capability with iPhone or iPad.

Many experts assumed that the release date of rolling out both iPhone 6 and iWatch is on September 9. The iPhone 6 smartphones is expected to come in bigger screen sizes.

iPhone 6 reportedly gearing up for mass production, combined ...The technology giant hasn’t sent out invitations about the forthcoming. Apple also hasn’t made any announcement when the event will materialize.

The state-of-the-art iPhone 6 is believed to be available in increases sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches and expected to be beefed with very fast processors.

Apply usually makes an update of its products in the second half of the year and taking full advantage of holiday sales.

Last September, 2013, the company introduced the iPhone 5s (pictures) and iPhone 5C (pictures) variants in smashing fashion. The company posted record-setting sales after unveiling the two products.

Apple is tweaking a new operating system which permits mobile payments and comes with health features. The operating system also allows the device to like well with an iWatch for tracing activity, sleep, pulse and among others. The groundbreaking iOS8 is believed to be present in the iPhone 6.


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