Volvo launches its newly fangled 7-seater XC90 SUV

Volvo just launched its latest automobile, the Volvo XC90 SUV which boasts of an assortment of technologies and chic design.

Volvo said that their new car is power driven by an impressive XC90 Twin Engine which merges two-liter, four-cylinder supercharged and turbocharged T6 petrol engine. The car can offer up to 400 horsepower and discharge carbon dioxide of 60 g/km.

The external part of the car sports an iron mark, a slash along the grille, and a Thor’s Hammer DRL lights.

The car will also come with a various wheel sizes that range up to 22 inches.

The interior of the car offers generous space as it is clad with a tablet-looking touch screen control console.  The console drivers can manage the car and has internet based applications.

Volvo has used a wide range of resources such as used wood, soft leather and handcrafted details to the impressive XC90 SUV.

The XC90 is also equipped with an auto brake at intersection capability, which will bring the automobile to a halt if other motorists unexpectedly appear in front of the car 24/7.

The car is also built with a run-off road protection package that stiffens the seatbelts automatically in case a crash comes into picture.

Peter Mertens, Volvo Car Group senior vice president of research and development stated that “The new technologies will take us a significant step closer to our vision that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020.”

Mertens added, “Our starting point on safety is the same today as it was when the company was created almost 90 years ago: real-life situations. We study data. We crunch numbers. We innovate. The result is one of the safest cars ever made.”

Indeed the new offering of Volvo will certainly be a blast as it comes with impressive features and at the same time makes the future owners safe and secured.


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