Nintendo cashing in on Wii U, merges Mario and Zelda in Mario Kart 8

As part of its endeavors to attract fans and aficionados to its Wii U gaming platform, the gaming marvel Nintendo is set to break one of the most enduring traditions by increasing the Mario Kart 8 characters further.

Bolstering the roster of Mario Kart are characters from the enigmatic The Legend of Zelda.

While Mario and Link have already battled in Super Smash Bros, and it will be the first time that Link takes spotlight in a game along with the cast of the Mario.

The new game will also feature contain new tracks and enhanced new tracks and vehicles. Currently one of the best-selling games of Wii U, the number of tracks in Mario Kart will expand two times, giving the users twice the fun and excitement.

Aside from Link, other new characters will hug the limelight like the Villager and Isabelle from the renowned Animal Crossing series. Mario who is clad in the vintage Tanooki suit will also appear in the game.

Mario Kart 8, which is beefed up with added stages is a perfect follow-up to its New Super Mario Bros U. The Mario Kart 8 also comes with a featured online play and is expected to be boosted by noteworthy downloadable content after release.

Nintendo had became relaxed with how it employs its properties as it just permitted Sega to use its Zelda and Yoshi properties in the Sonic Lost World, and allowing Hyrule Castle to be used by Tecmo Koei for a Legend of Zelda /Dynasty Warriors. Perhaps their second most popular franchise, Pokemon, will also has a card game arriving in the iOS platform and a fighting game getting available in Japanese arcades.

Nintendo has been struggling to search for new characters for their console game business since Wii U posted a lackadaisical performance during its debut in 2012 no thanks to gamers and game publishers who chose to wait for the more impressive and formidable Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The company’s decision to increase the character roster now could be the result of the company’s reaction to continuous fan requests. This stratagem could also help in introducing the younger or new players to the Link.

The game is presently confirmed for Europe, where two packs that contains new eight tracks, four vehicles and three characters will fetch a price of 7 pounds (which is equivalent to around $12.50). The first pack, which has Link roster, is set to be rolled out in November.


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