Google acquire Zync Render

Technology giant Google just added video-processing service provider Zync Render to its growing list of acquisitions. Zync Render which specializes on visual effects cloud-rendering technology played a major role on the visual effects of the blockbuster movie Star Trek Into Darkness.

Zync Render offer online tools to render wide range of videos. Rendering is the procedure of producing images from a 2D or 3D model, or models, utilizing computer software.

Belwadi Srikanth quipped on a blog that the tandem between the Zync and Google Cloud Platform will provide studios with cost-effective rendering performance and services. Srikanth added, “For example, with per-minute billing, studios aren’t trapped into paying for unused capacity when their rendering needs don’t fit in perfect hour increments.”

The terms and amount of the deal weren’t revealed.

Zync Render had already rendered many commercials and feature films such as Looper, Flight and American Hustle.


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