Google Cleans Up Swing Copters Clones In Play Store

Dong Nguyen of Vietnam-based startup dot-Gears studio released his newest game last week called Swing Copters that has gained cloners even before it rolled out to App Store and Play Store. The game appeared on the stores Thursday, but was toppled by hundreds of clones in the Play Store rankings that feature almost the same game play.

These clones topped the search results in Play Store, positioning the original one down to the 63rd spot. Gamers who downloaded these clones left reviews and reports on bugs without realizing that the apps  they have downloaded were clones according to The Guardian. Prior to its release, a YouTube video was shown for gamers as a preview that was posted last Monday.

Google has removed these clones now. “We remove applications that violate our policies, such as apps that are illegal or that promote hate speech,” a Google spokesperson said to The Guardian. “We don’t comment on individual applications.”

As of press time, Swing Copters is now on the top of search results, downloaded between 10,000 – 50,000 times based on the store’s record. Meanwhile, the app ranks 7th place on the free app charts for iOS; there are also clones in the App Store, which is possibly affecting its rankings.

As of August 25, dot-Gears studio releases version 1.1.0 for two updates: tuning gameplay and big fixing for the banner ads.


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