The Fast and Furious, Samsung GalaxyNote Pro 12.2

When you are about to purchase a tablet, it is of essence to consider some important factors such as speed, performance, features, user interface, layout and operation.

It is worth noting that Samsung GalaxyNote Pro 12.2 deserved our close look to discern whether this tablet is a truly must-have.

The versatile Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is equipped with an Android KitKat 4.4.2 operating system and it is expected to go along well with the future updates coming from Google. A glimpse of its user interface, the Galaxy Tab Pro comes with a great deal of tweaked and customized software which appears useful and impressive. Almost all of the elements of its operating system have been modified, though these moves are considered very valuable.

Beefed up with an eight-core processor and comes with an added 3GB RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 can blaze through an amazing speed. Basic tasks are done silky smooth and its generous 12-inch screen size can provide you with a Multi Window experience like no other, since you have ample space for opening other applications and windows.

It is also worth noting that the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 will neither not balk down nor stutter while even you are on a tedious multitasking where the processor subjected to heavy tasks. With all of its impressive internals, the device is cinched to do almost everything with a breeze.

The only pitfall or disadvantage, however, is that all of the applications are not compatible with the Multi View feature just as yet, but expect a long list of compatible apps and programs to come along in the near future.

The Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 battery life is to a certain extent not very impressive. Though it can perform well when needed, the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 battery will not go over the distance. By using it in moderation though, the battery expectancy of the device will last for 48 hours before having it recharged. Overall the sleek Galaxy Tab Pro is truly impressive and powerful.



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