Kickstarter Brings “Aegis” To The List

Kickstarter’s “Aegis” is a game where the humanity has been bought back into the dark ages, the game sets in a world where control over the ancient technologies means power, and a ruthless Empire has arisen and taken control over everything. In the game, your main objective is to play as a pair of Ruinhunters and search the legendary weapon known as Aegis, the only thing that can save the humanity and their village.

In the game, the players will get to discover and explore the world of Elam, which is a beautiful place lost to time. The players can also level up and customize their character classes. With the right resources, you can unlock and craft new weapons and abilities. In Kickstarter’s “Aegis” the players will also interact with enemies, which will attack them from all sides. Players need to defend themselves and fight off the enemies, but they will not do it all alone. They can switch between multiple characters during the combat in the battle field. Utilizing players abilities carefully will increase their chances of survival in the game. It can be difficult for the players to defend one point, but as the game progresses you will also need to defend the moving targets, that have great abilities.

In the game, you will also fight with bosses. Ragworm of the Nereris Desert is one dangerous boss of the game. This creature is blind but have a very accurate and powerful hearing, through which they attack anything that sounds like it might be their meal. Arachnis the Spider Queen is another boss, players have to fight with in the game.

Kickstarter’s “Aegis” will be available for Mac and Windows. However, the complete release will be distributed on stream. The game features many. Interesting locations like Mystery Mines, Nereris Desert, Crater Forest, etc.


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