preparing to take on Google in the online business advertisement

According to Wall Street, Internet titan Amazon, is mounting an attack against its chief rival Google in the online business advertisements industry.

Amazon is building up its own program which is aimed at target ads employing the data it gathered preferences of its patrons.

The series of evaluation on the new platform could begin in the coming months.

To date, Google is the unrivaled company when it comes to online popularity and commands a respectable 31.45 per cent share of the global market this year, according to the research whipped up by eMarketer.

The research firm eMarketer added that Google brings in a whopping $50 billion revenue from its advertising business, compared to the just the expected $1 billion revenue made by Amazon this year.

From its humble start as an online bookstore, Amazon has blossomed into one of the respectable online companies in the world. The company is highly-touted as a major seller of online products and services such as eBooks, streamed video, music and wide-array of devices like smartphones and tablets.

It also transformed into a robust marketplace where the third-party sellers are given the opportunity to sell their products while taking full advantage of the growing and huge customer base of the company.



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