Four Free and Must-Have Apps for Smartphones

The internet is indeed very popular these days, with the technology moving at a rapid rate, many apps are available online not only entertain people but are also built to make life comfortable and convenient.

Below is a list of wonderful must-have apps that are very useful and worth adding to your growing list of apps in your smartphones.

  1. Google Maps is truly amazing when it comes to searching for address of popular business establishments, but it is quite ineffective when navigating comes into play. While Google Maps is not built for navigation, Waze does a great job when it comes to this though. A crowdsourcing site which is based in Israel, when you ask Waze for direction it will quickly draw information from other users, like how fast they are moving or are they come across with accidents or construction to provide you with the shortest route available. You can download this fantastic app for free with your Apple iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
  2. If you are in search for an app that will help you learn quickly a second language, Duolingo is a must-have app. This chic app provides free lesson in various languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, German and English. Duolingo is a free download app for Apple iOS and Android.
  3. Another app whipped up by technology titan Google is Songza which is an Internet radio service that can provide you the songs that you are in search with relative ease. Simply tell the app the songs you would want to play such as hiphop, ballad, pop and the list goes on, and voila you will have a list that you yearns for. Songza’s playlists are curtailed by human song experts and works differently from Pandora which utilizes algorithms to randomly guess for songs that you might like to hear. This is app is free when you download the app with Apple iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
  4. Next up in our list is Venmo, which is built for friends who would like to connect friends and pay one another. You can link your credit card and/or bank account, add your pals and then pay or charge them. You can make your transactions private or share them some information into a visible feed with your friends along with a description like “for booze, for shoes, for rent, and among others.” The actual amount of payments is disclosed though. This wonderful and useful app is free for Apple iOS and Android.


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