Most US smartphones owners refrain from downloading new apps

Apple’s App Store is truly packed with wide range of apps that smartphone users may indulge in, but every month the vast majority of US residents who owns such devices shun away from downloading new apps.

Most of Americans have smartphones but this doesn’t imply that they download apps. Around 65.5% of the residents of US who have smartphones don’t download apps at all every month. The figure is quite astonishing but there could have been some reasons for this.

According to Adam Lella, a marketing insights analyst for ComScore, quipped, that people only have ample storage space on their mobile devices and this could have been one of the reasons why they are really  choosy about which apps they will download and eventually use.

Leila added that the smartphone owners are most likely to use 42% of their time getting busy with their favorite app and another 17% of their time is spent to their second favorite app. This implies that users tend to get most of their well-liked apps.

Other experts speculate that users no longer need to download apps since it is tedious to look for apps that are worth adding. Various app stores online such as Apple and Google only keep record of the top and most commonly used apps, and the ones that are usually listed along with the number of times they are downloaded and their features are not shown.

It is also worth noting that 5.5% smartphone owners abstain from downloading any new apps.



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