Kickstarter Presents “Lift Off” – A Game Full Of Adventures

Like adventures? If yes, then you will totally love this game. In this game, you need to get off the planet as someone tripped over the coolant cord and due to this the planet is now going to explode. Though out the game, “Get me off this planet” can be heard. The main objective of players is to be the first one to get their Aliens off the planet with the help of action cards, resource cards and phases of the moon to escape. If you failed to get everyone off the planet before it explodes, then the player who saved most Aliens will win the game. Kickstarter’s “Lift Off” is a fun to play, easy to learn and fast paced game, where every player feels engaged in the game until the planet explodes or someone wins

What’s interesting about this game? Well, Kickstarter’s “Lift Off” contains different point board pieces, which often needs multiple players to work together to take off. Since it features a modular game board, so each Lift Off Point board piece creates a unique configuration and scenario in the game, which enables players to interact with each other. Every session of the game brings a new experience with new and better play dynamics. The cooperative to competitive dynamic creates strong tension, surprise and drama at the end of the game.

The game components of Kickstarter’s “Lift Off” are; 1 game board, 1 rule book, 1 planet core, 50 Aliens,  50 exit points, 10 lift off points, 4 turn cards, 64 resources cards and 36 action cards.

Kickstarter’s “Lift Off” is a sharp looking game, with lots of fun elements. Some of the mechanics in the game are pretty familiar, such as playing action cards, moving around and spending resources. The game is not as deeply strategic as some other games, but there are still some really fascinating dynamics to it, and both kids and adults will enjoy it fully.


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