Voice Search App of Google Knows Five Languages at the Same Time

When opting for a certain language while you make a voice search in the Google Search App you, expect that you might failed doing so. You can talk in over 50 languages such as French, Italian and the list goes on, and Google can still understand you. But still, Google just allow a user to use one language at a time.

But this landscape is about to change as Google now allow users to utilize up to five languages while making a voice over and you can use any of them. Amazing isn’t it, but it is.

To date, a user can make change once in the settings and can switch back forth with relative ease. Google will deliberately perceive the language you will be using, though you should restrict yourself from using one language per sentence. You can opt for up to five languages. The response of Google will depend on the language you utilized and the kind of query you have made. Eventually more and more languages and features will be added to Google Search App over time.


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