It is all systems go for Microsoft’s release of Windows 9

A news report just leaked out that technology titan Microsoft is on the verge of unleashing the latest operating system that will soon supplant Windows 8. The company had signified its intention of staging an event on September to give the consumers the opportunity to have a glimpse of the upcoming Windows 9 which is code named as Threshold.

Microsoft is also set to unveil a developer preview this coming October prior to the release of a public review which is slated at the end of the year.

Microsoft is cinched to stick to its One Windows policy by unifying its operation system so that it is compatible for smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

The updates for Windows 8 that will make the keyboards and mouse more user-friendly are already released for public use. Microsoft is making sure that the operating system provides certain features that rely on the form factor.

The Windows 9 Threshold is rumored to be equipped with features that have leaked in the past few months, like a virtual desktop which is similar to Ubuntu’s for keeping the users organized and ability to utilize numerous apps on multiple virtual desktops within one PC systems,

Windows 9 may come up with a two-column Start menu that merges Modern apps and desktop apps. The Threshold is projected to operate Modern Windows apps even when operating in windowed mode.

The public review may be rolled out before the year end the general public release however is expected to be released on April 2015.


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