Xiaomi Mi3 selling like pancakes online

Xiaomi Mi3 is living to its top-billing as a must-have smartphone as it is selling like pancakes in many parts of the world (like India) and in the web with zest and gusto. Relying on the best selling strategy which is through word of mouth, it is believed that there are more than 75,000 units of Xiaomi Mi3 that have been bought from Flipkart.com. This is indeed surprising since the Chinese company that manufactured the smartphones is new in the Indian mobile phone market.

The company was successful in creating noise and buzzes as it flashed sales and placed the devices into limited supply.  At a price tag of only Rs 13,999, Xiaomi Mi 3 seemed to have been loaded with enticing features that consumers find very difficult to resist.

But not everyone is joining the bandwagon to buy and enjoy the phone. Some individuals are pouncing on buying the smartphone and eventually resell them for a decent at the end. There are many buyers who are willing to shell out Rs 20,000 for the phone.

If you have visited websites such as eBay and OLX really you will notice that there are numerous individuals who are willing to sell their Mi3s through various ads. Most of these ads boast of Xiaomi Mi3s which are still sealed on a package by Flipkart. These resellers said that they already have the device whilst others stated that they do this for business purposes. Now everybody is taking full advantage of the popularity of the device and will do what it takes to possess it. There is nothing wrong in owning the device but see to it that the money and effort that you are going to use in purchasing the device are all worth I though.


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