Barnes & Noble Ties Up With Samsung for New Tablet

Barnes & Nobles, one of the largest retail booksellers in the United States partners with Samsung for its new tablet called Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, a full 7-inch display that runs an Android 4.4 operating system and custom Nook software unveiled on Wednesday.

It has been two years since Barnes & Nobles released the Nook tablet and this time the deal with the popular mobile manufacturer aims not to sell devices, but instead to regain the loss market share in e-books from its popular contenders, Apple and Amazon.

The company’s revenue that includes the Nook tablet, e-books and other content dropped to 35.2% as recorded in the fiscal year ended May 3 according to Fortune.

Michael Huseby, CEO of Barnes & Nobles told Fortune, “Our biggest challenge is stopping any kind of decline in content revenue, and this is a big part of this.” He added, “There’s going to be some cannibalization, I suppose, but our job really is to put as much content in whatever format our customers want.”

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is tagged at retail for $179 sold at Barnes & Nobles retail and online stores. The company is offering $200 worth of free digital content and $5 credit to the Nook Store with high hopes to attract customers for re-purchases.


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