Smartphones in 2015 To Come With 4K Screens and UHD Displays

ABI Research, a technological market intelligence firm based New York recently published a latest forecast on smartphones, showing that in the next 12 months and within five years, a 4K screen will become a key feature of mobile phones, while 478 million units are expected to be shipped with a UHD display, according to AFP Relax News via Canoe Tech.

The 4K screen and Ultra HD features have been the talk of the tech world’s for the past few months. Last July, Techradar, a leading mobile website, featured a video that contains information on what users can actually get from this ‘cool technology,’ when it is integrated in smart TVs, cinemas, and smartphones.

“While some content owners and broadcasters have or are preparing to launch 4K programming, video resolution delivered to mobile devices will continue to lag behind screen pixel densities,” said Michael Inouye, Senior Analyst. He also commented, “While mobile device components, such as processor, memory and in some cases batteries, are gearing up to handle 4K, network and infrastructure elements remain challenging. Key video services like several under the UltraViolet umbrella, for instance, still largely distribute content to mobile devices in SD.”

The 4K screen and UHD displays provide big boost to screen resolutions in mobile phones and though there are still no available handsets that feature the exact specifications for now, the latest Samsung and LG devices have the ability to record videos in 4K.

While having 4K screen and UHD display in smartphones bring the finest and richest resolution, the size could be one of the issues for streaming and downloading the video content for users.


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