An app that will not allow kids from disregarding the calls of their parents

A user-friendly app and available only in Android phones, Ignore No More, is curtailed to help parents steer clear from worrying about the whereabouts of their children.

Nowadays kids aren’t obliging as they keep on getting busy with their friends and/or hobbies, often going home late or ignoring their parents’ calls. But this is about to change especially with the creation of the innovative and brilliant Ignore No More app. This easy to install app provide parents the power over their children’s mobile phones.

If a kid ignores the repeated calls or text messages that were made by their parents, Ignore No More will take over their phones and will lock them for good until they will call back. So this will imply that the kid will not be able to make calls, text messages or play games if he persists in not calling back.

Aside from this advantage, the app is thought of being a good instrument in grounding troublesome children or making them to go to bed early.

While many parents are rejoicing about the existence of the app, many are quite worried with some disadvantages it may bring like a very invasive partner who would like to install the app on his/her partner’s mobile phone or an offensive ex-lover who suddenly appears out of nowhere like a mushroom.

In order to use the app appropriately the devices should be manually paired as parent and child in a household account. To avoid unnecessary registration it is a wise idea to secure the devices by making them inaccessible without authorization.

Even though the child’s phones is on a lock mode keep in mind that calling emergency numbers like 911 and parent’s phone numbers is possible.


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