Google Includes Driverless Cars To Anti-Aging Technology In Product Portfolio

Google is in the acquisition-sprees of companies, ranging from driverless cars, anti-aging technology, messaging app to video creation service to be included in its ever-expanding portfolio for innovative projects.

The company recently acquired Jetpac, a San Francisco-based software startup capable to analyse digital images, The National Business reports. Aside from Jetpac, mobile text messaging application, Emu, and video-editing service, Directr, were reportedly acquired this month in addition to last year’s acquired company Calico, a research and development company that has advanced technologies for genetics and biology explorations.

Google has also rolled out tests for the driverless cars on streets of Mountain View as part of the ‘moon shot’ projects that could take them years if it will push through.

Meanwhile, Jetpac will use the collected data from social media photos such as food, decor or people and analyze them to create city guides, according to The National Business.

On the other hand, Larry Paige, CEO of Google also mentioned their pursuit to the secret of youth to address health and aging problems together with the Calico team. Through genetics, molecular development and other fields of medicine, the objective is to slow down ageing and fight diseases.

“Illness and aging affect all our families,” said Mr. Paige. “With some longer term, moon shot thinking around health care and biotechnology, I believe we can improve millions of lives.”


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