Kickstarter’s Project, “The Science Deck”

Love science? If yes, then this game is for you. In the news, Kickstarter introduces a new project, “The Science Deck” a card playing game

This game contains the four main fields of science. Kickstarter’s “The Science Deck” is about important element and historical discoveries in science and also features the important and renowned scientists presented in a sleek, blueprint format, subtle, consisting of grey background for easy reading. This game is easy to play and understand. The deck of the game is playable, artistic and most importantly educational.

Kickstarter’s “The Science Deck” shares the awareness and knowledge of science in a fun and easy format through which anyone can learn. Each numerical card in the game contains an important invention or discovery and every court card have been designed to represent renowned and important scientists within their field. The suits have been inspire and created by different fields of science.

The cards are designed in an impressive manner and artwork is presented in an imaginative and revolutionary format. At the back of the card an ambigram of science world is printed, right in the center of the atom. The background of these cards features an aluminum texture with hexagon pattern and pip design. The border and top of these cards features a pip decoration which presents striking graphics. The front of these cards has a blueprint design. This game is full of amazing designs, even the box features a wrap around design and inverted grid texture with a logo.

This game is so exciting and fun that  by playing it you will feel happiness and an improvement in your I.Q level. It is fast, easy to understand, playable, fluid, fun and full of surprises. Its amazing features make this game a worthy addition in your collection and a must try.


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