Facebook Rolls Out A Small Test For Satire Articles

Facebook is running a small test to filter satire articles that are published from parody news sites after the company received feedback from users who wanted to classify genuine news from satirical articles clearly on their newsfeed. These articles sometimes create confusion to readers and even trusted online media sources.

The social networking site will introduce a ‘satire’ tag for articles from parody sites and blogs. While the company’s spokeswoman didn’t disclose all the details of this test to MarketWatch, readers and users will be able to clearly classify the posts on their newsfeed.

Articles published from parody news sites seems credible at first, which sometimes causes readers to believe the information, then share it to their friends and network. The Onion, one of the popular parody publications published a post in 2012 entitled, “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had been named sexiest man alive,” has garnered 61K Facebook shares as of press time. The article was intercepted by People’s Daily Online according to MarketWatch.

Circulating news of human meat found in McDonald’s meat factories was also published last month in DailyBuzzLive and debunked by other online publications that was originally published last February on another parody website, Huzlers.com. The link has more than 280K Facebook shares as of press time.


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