Kickstarter’s Fantasy Miniature Game – “Demigods Rising”

Demigods Rising is a skirmish style tabletop, fantasy miniature game, in which you are a Demigod. You’re main objective in the game is to fight to prove your supremacy so you can become the new God of War.

Kickstarter’s “Demigods Rising” is playable for 2 or 4 players and each player controls a Demigod. To support your win, 3-6 heroes will be fighting to win the Demigod his place on the throne of the God of War. While fighting, the players also have to command armies of heroes. One the heroes are ready, the player can face with the enemies on the furious battleground. The players have access to 4 Demigods, and can choose their armies from the 16 fighting heroes. The players also can play either with the Demigods or with the Demigod deck winning

Kickstarter’s “Demigods Rising” have simple and easy to understand rules. Knowing the rules is an  important part of the game play. The game comes with a easy to understand rulebook to guide you through these epic and adventurous campaigns. The rulebook will also help you learn the ropes the right way when you start out for the first time in the game. In this 2 to 4 player’s game, each battle lasts for almost 35-90 minutes, in which you play as one of the Demigods equipped with items matching your strategy. The players can also choose 3 to 6 heroes through with they will create their party. The players should choose the one which is suitable with their experience level

The game is easy to play, and if you find it hard then you can also set the difficulty level, as Kickstarter’s “Demigods Rising” features three difficulty levels: The Beginner Mode, the Normal Mode and the Advance Mode. In the game everything is focused well and equally including every Demigods Rising detail, spectacularly designed miniatures.

Kickstarter’s “Demigods Rising” consists 45 High quality plastic miniatures, 32 Hero Cards, 4 Demigod Cards, 6 Double sided game boards, 20 Obstacle, 34 Dice, 12 Attack dices, 18 Divine dices, 4 Demigod dices, 54 Demigod deck cards, 54 Item deck cards, 62 Counters, 76 HP tokens, 100 Buffs, 1 Rulebook and 8 Reference cards.


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