Tracbeam filed a lawsuit against Apple over patent infringement

Another company surfaced out to sue Apple and this time it is TracBeam from Colorado. Tracbeam had filed a lawsuit against Apple over using the former’s location based services in iOS and OS X. Evidences consider Tracbeam a patent troll, which thrives only on purchasing patents and sue companies over infringement issues. These services are present in Apple’s Safari, Siri, and the list goes on.

Tracbeam are provided with several patents that are associated to wireless location technology used in both consumer and business related technology.

TracBeam had filed four counts against Apple and will vehemently pounce on the huge tech company for their violations. One of the patents of  Tracbeam is comprise of location services in iOS, OS X, and even in Apple’s “Find My Phone” service which permits users to trace their lost gadgets.

In the face of the allegations against Apple, some experts charge Tracbeam as a patent troll or a Patent Assertion Entity, a moniker given to business firms which thrive on buying patents and file lawsuits on infringing companies. According to study that have been made in 2013, Apple was the most preferred target of the so-called patent trolls.



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