Warning: Facebook App for Changing the Color of Facebook Profile is Fake and a Malware

Beware Facebook users as there is a program which exhibits itself as a Facebook app which looks authentic and at the same time enticing to use. But the truth is this program is a pesky malware application that fools the users that they can change the color schemes of their profiles. Around 10,000 individuals are already victimized and hobbled by this nuisance already, and the figure is expected to increase in the coming days.

To shun away from this troublesome application the users should always be wary of the two tactics in which the program utilizes to rip through into the accounts of the users. When users come across with the site that entices the users to use the ‘color change software,’ they will be requested to watch a tutorial video on how to personalize their Facebook profiles. This video is in fact built to rob information from the users which allows the hackers to invade your account and network with your acquaintances. The hackers utilize this scheme to ensnare many users.

The program can also lead the users to download an irritating pornographic video player. In the case of Android tablet and smartphone users the program usually employs a deceptive malware tactic which informs you that your computer has been infected and makes a compelling suggestion that you need to download and app to get rid of the virus.

After installing the deceptive program the malware will take control of your Facebook apps, implanting them with viruses and nasty codes which will take you to Phising sites and allow the hackers to farm for your personal information.

But thank goodness there is an antidote to this very annoying and bothersome malware. You can whip up a counter attack by simply going to the Facebook’s app page and uninstalling the color change program. You also have the option of disabling all of your apps to keep this troublesome app from bothering you. Keep in mind that you need to change your password so that the invasive malware program will not haunt you again.

And last but definitely not the least; you can avoid the hassles and troubles that the “change the color” malware may bring by simply ignoring it. Remember that Facebook is not like Myspace where the users can customize their profiles with new skins or colors.

To avoid getting bamboozled by other malware as well, simply steer clear from them and never open links.


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