Kickstarter Brings “Stash” – An Online Multiplayer RPG

News for gamers! Stash is an online multiplayer RPG game which features turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. This game gives the players the feel that they are the part of the story and they create their own piece of the world.

Kickstarter’s “Stash” is a tactical grid based combat with an incredible housing system, an engaging story, and much more that is shaped by players interest. The game take place in the exciting fantasy world of Primordiax, which is the game world of every Frog dice games.

Kickstarter’s “Stash” is the graphical successor to Threshold RPG in many ways. Stash has many interesting and exciting core features which brings life in the game. Players can also customize their characters in the game via race, class, gear, build, costumes, cosmetics, mounts, pets and more. The game features a cool, addicting and exciting story with unique twist. Players affect the world and the story of game. Players can also build upgrade their base on operation from bedroll to fortress.

Kickstarter’s “Stash” has a lot to explore as it features a huge world with hundreds of unique and different locations, epic amount of loot and tons of monsters. In the game, players also have the ability to create different and unique look for their characters. Players can customize almost everything of their character such as facial features, colors, hair and blend shapes. These characters are of various races, like Dryad which is a mysterious yet interesting race of women, that has hailed from the ancient forests of the world. Where ever they roam, they carry the beauty of nature with them. Another race is of stone-like skin creatures named Trullocs. The texture and kind of their skin reflects the variety of the earth. Other races includes Humans, Lukoi and Catfolk. This game is full of fun and exciting features which make this game a must try.


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