Is Facebook messenger app invasive of its users’ privacy?

The Facebook users are getting ready for the inevitable change that will take place in the coming days. Facebook will soon eliminate the messaging features in mobile phones and requires the users to download the messenger app. This move will give rise to users of getting more anxious about their privacy, but is there anything to worry about this upcoming change.

For the past two weeks, Facebook was seen posting warning on feeds. Many speculates that the Facebook Messenger apps can to sneak into the users’ accounts and rob some information, make calls on the users’ acquaintances without permission and utilize the camera without the users knowing about it. This sounds scary, but the truth is, these speculations are false.

Facebook once and for all stated that these speculations are baseless and blown out of proportions. The company added that it will change its policy permissions for the apps. According to the company the cause of the worries rooted from an outdated language which Android updated last December. But people are still acting in response to it.

Does the messenger app really has the privilege to access and use your camera? Of course it is, so the app can help you post pictures. It also has access to one’s network so the users can be able to use the WiFi. It is up to the users whether they trust the app or not, otherwise just settle for other platforms to message their friends.

Facebook made its standpoint clear as its help center now provide details about how the app works and the privacy permissions that goes along with with it. Facebook give explanations why they ask for access and why allowing the company to have an access will eventually help the users make messages with relative ease.

And here’s something more that one needs to ponder about and consider, when one opt to use other messaging app which will also comes with similar language and privacy permissions. Downloading the app will imply that the user is relinquishing a particular level of his privacy. But what you think will happen if Facebook messaging app will not ask for some rights to access your privacy.



  1. maximum overtroll says

    Of course they need the permission so you can use the feature through the app, and if you believe facebook will only use these permissions for your convenience, youre probably dumb enough to still use facebook.

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