Kickstarter Brings Another Unique Project; “ ElfQuest ”

Your wait to play as one of Wendy and Richard Pini’s beloved elves is almost over as the official ElfQuest Adventure Game is almost here. This cooperative card game is playable for 2 to 4 players. You will play this game with all four players as this game is really exciting, fun and easy to play. In the game, your main objective is to immerse yourself in the llives and stories of Wendy and Richard Pini’s elves. As life can be difficult for the elves, so in the game you have to tackle and deal with fearful and violent humans and all kinds of strange creatures and harsh and unpleasant environment.

Kickstarter’s “ElfQuest” is agame which is full of interesting characters and each character in the game comes with a unique set of small cards, which represents some of their skills, allies, items and personality traits. All these cards, along with the wooden cubes represents the elf’s physique, grace, savvy, and magic.The effort tokens provided by the character card in the game, are the currency used to complete all the tasks, challenges, and events encountered during the game experience. The players plays through different series of scenarios depicting different events and journeys. As the players complete the set of events, they will be get the growth reward which will help their character age and provide them with new cubes, traits and cards. Elves are always surrounded with death, if the character is unable to provide a cube to the required task they will be killed and then they will have to start a new character.

Each pack of Kickstarter’s “ElfQuest” contains 18 character cards, 64 hand cards, 1 father tree home card, 5 scenario cards, 54 event cards, 70 effort tokens, 72 wooden attribute cubes, 1 orange wood pawn, 1 twelve sided die and a 8 pages easy to understand rules booklet.



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