iPhone 6 Photos Make it Onto Twitter

We’ve heard plenty of rumors, and we’ve even seen various mock ups, but we are yet to see a full shot of the real iPhone 6. That may be until now though, as a round of new alleged iPhone 6 photos have just made it into the internet, and have been spreading like wildfire from their original source on Twitter.

According to the new iPhone 6 photos from Cecily Mohammed, the phone that is being held is indeed the real deal, and not a fake or a display model. Obviously there are quite a lot of questions to be asked; are the iPhone 6 photos actually showing the real thing, or are these images simply showing off a fake?

The second question is; how did the owner of these photos even get hold of such a device? Whilst the device does look pretty legitimate, we are yet to see the device in action, and the fact that there are no photos showing off the front of the iPhone 6 suggests that the photos may not be showing an entire device at all.

We’d even make the assumption that the device being shown in the new iPhone 6 photos are simply of another prototype model, something of which we’ve been seeing a lot of recently.

Either way, we shouldn’t have to wait too long before we finally see something truly legitimate about the iPhone 6. It may not be perfect, but Apple has been rumored to be showing off the iPhone 6, and perhaps even their new iTime watch on September 9th.

We can’t promise anything, but it would make sense for Apple to release the iPhone 6 around September as this would be in-time with their usual release schedule. Whether Apple release both size variants for the iPhone 6, or stagger the larger 5.5 inch version till later in the year isn’t currently known, but it’s likely to be dependent on manufacturing limitations.


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