“New Dawn” On Kickstarter

Fellow gamers! If you liked the previous game “Among the stars” by Arpita games, then you will love this thematic sequel of Among The Starts, named “New Dawn”. Kickstarter’s “New Dawn” is a game full of fun and addiction. This game features the art of AntonisPapantonious. In New Dawn the player plays the role of Alliance officials, which belongs to different races. TheAlliance Officials are sent on different missions to explore and revive a part of Galaxy. In the game, the players get to do various tasks and perform many activities such as players can explore the regions, seize control of the facilities, establish the bases, send ambassadors, produce resources and send aid to different Alliance. The game begins with each turn in a clockwise manner. In the game, the players obtain resources from their established bases and they also draw Facility cards. Using these cards players can explore new and different regions simply by placing them on the board and perform the action written on them. After exploring new facilities, players get the chance to acquire new Technologies. Each technology has its own advantage in the game. In the game, the players can also move one of their mobile Head Quarters to another region. These Mobile Head Quarters allow the players to establish bases on opposite regions and also helps the players in increasing their combat power. Kickstarter’s “New Dawn” also features an action phase, in which each player performs 3 different actions that are done one at a time in clockwise manner. This phase allows the players to establish new bases on Facilities Kickstarter’s “New Dawn” consists of 120 Facility cards, 8 base benefit cards, 8 Ambassador cards, 4 sector cards, 3 station cards, 14 Alliance aid cards, 64 Technology cards, 4 player aid cards, 1 main board, 8 race boards, 60 bases, 16 MHQ, 5 white dice, 4 yellow dice, 1 black dice, 3 green dice, 3 red dice, and 1 easy to understand rule book.


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