Google Acquires iPhone Messaging App Emu

Google made another surprise move and could have been a brilliant one if it will serves its purpose well since the company is very popular for being one of the wisest spenders around.

To the surprise of the vast majority, Google have just purchased another app which operates the same as that of its current iPhone messaging applications. This messaging app which is built for iPhone is equipped with a personal assistant. The elements of Emu are already present in both Hangouts and Google, and it appears like there are redundancies. Experts speculate that Google may be after pouncing on the patents and expertise of Emu or perhaps making up for something they have just missed.

For the moment, there is a bad news in the offing for current Emu users as the app will not be available starting on August 25, 2014. The app will be removed from the App Store and the users who already have the Emu App installed on their iPhones will not be able to use it.

There is smoke of uncertainty hanging around, whether Google will either absorb the Emu employees to augment Hangouts and Google Now or develop further Emu which has some patents to boot. However, the amount of acquisition of Emu is not yet divulged.

It is worth noting that the team that created Emu was spearheaded by a form employee of Apple, who also worked for Siri and he is set to join the Google team. It appears that Google is on the verge of improving their status further and at the same time attempting to put its chief rival at disadvantage. Some months ago Samsung had purchased the company that creates voice assistant for Siri.

Here are the overlapping features that shared by both Emu and other Google apps:

Both Emu and Hangouts provide options to share your location in a chat with relative ease.

Emu is keen on important events, so if you point out an event this will immediately placed in your calendar or set a reminder for later use. Google Now also has this feature if you want it to appear in your calendar by mentioning a special event while you are using Gmail messaging.

Emu can come up with restaurant recommendations or provide you an information card for a particular restaurant if you bring it up it in a chat, a feature which is also present in Google Now, which can help you look for a place or recommended places using Google maps.

This article also showed the similarities between Emu and Google applications such as Google Now and Google Hangouts.


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