Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch price is high at $399

Smartwatches can be expensive like any new tech, but the Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch price took us by surprise this morning. It’s Timex first smartwatch, and it comes with its own 3G connection.

A new tech needs to have a few things going for it in order to get people interested, and one of those is the price. The Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch price is quite a bit more than we expected, and at $399 it may be more expensive than the Moto 360 when it’s released. It should be cheaper than the iWatch however as Apple doesn’t do cheap.

What does that hefty price tag bring to the table? Well, the Ironman One GPS+ is aimed at the fitness crowd, runners in particular. It’s main shtick is GPS, and it uses that tech to keep track of you distance, speed, and other fitness related things. The trick is, it can do it without a smartwatch as the Ironman One is “connected” at all times without being tethered.timex smartwatch

The smartwatch is hooked up with AT&T so you’ll get a 3G connection when you’re on the road or trail. It also has a handy ‘SOS’ button that lets you send out a distress call if you get into a pickle while you’re burning up the track – not easy to do sans cell phone. That’s where part the Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch price comes into play as AT&T is including one year of data for free. That makes the price a bit easier to swallow although we still have no idea how much the data will cost after the year is up.

Timex is definitely taking an interesting approach with the Ironman One GPS+ as it can’t do half the things other smartwatches can, but it does exactly what’s it’s built to do. There’s been no word on third-party apps, but it does play music (via a Bluetooth headset) as you get 4GB of build in storage. It’s also tough like you’d expect from the Ironman line, and can take a dip down to around 150 feet. As for the battery, Timex says it can go around 3 days without GPS or roughly 8 hours with GPS turned on.timex.smartwatch

The Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch may not be the belle of the ball, but it looks to be a fully functioning smartwatch that could be handy for runners and other athletes. The smartwatch is expected out sometime this fall, and there will be an additional model ($450) with a heart rate sensor as well.

Via – Engadget  Source: Timex



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