The Navdy Heads-up Display aims to eliminate Distracted Drivers

Automobiles and smartphones go together like chewing gum and glass – it’s not a safe combination. Hands-free setups can decrease the distraction, but the Navdy Heads-up display takes things to the next level by letting you add a high-tech HUD to almost any vehicle.

Distracted drivers are beyond a nuisance; they’re dangerous to anyone on the roads and smartphones are one of the main culprits. The Navdy Heads-up display is a new piece of tech that allows you to place a HUD, just like the ones in jet fighters, onto the dashboard of your car. The unit hooks into your vehicles on-board computer (most modern cars have them) and sits on your dash. It’s held in place with silicon, magnets, and magic and is basically a mini-computer. Seriously, it has a dual-core chip and runs Android 4.4.navdy hud

The actual display is 5.1-inches wide and transparent so it appears as if it’s floating ahead of you, and not a distraction that would make you take your focus off what’s ahead. As for the components, the Navdy Heads-up display has an IR camera, high-quality projector, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, e-compass, and internal speaker & microphone. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 as well, and that’s what makes the magic happen.

The Navdy HUD syncs to your smartphone and this allows it to take calls and text which allows you to concentrate on the road, and not on your phone. The speaker & mic ensure your hands stay on the wheel, and if you have to interact with something, the IR camera allows for gesture controls. When hooked into your OBD-II port, it can also give you stats like speed, fuel, tire-pressure, and RPM’s.navdy.hud-1

If you’re still not convinced of how awesome the Navdy Heads-up display is, you may want to consider the fact that it runs apps. You obviously won’t be able to play Angry Birds or GTA (how warped would that be?), but you will be able to get apps like Pandora, Google Maps, Spotify and iTunes. It can do a little bit of everything, and it’s built to handle tasks for you so you can focus on driving.

If you’re interested in the Navdy HUD, it’s currently up for grabs at a discounted pre-order price of $299. It will set you back $499 when it hits retailers in early 2015, so you may want to take a gamble if you’re looking to try the high-tech HUD. You can find out more information about Navdy or put one on pre-order at the link below.




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