Apple Releases New Ad After $3 Billion Dr Dre Acqusition Closes

After dropping around 200 employees from Dr Dre’s work force, Apple has finally officially confirmed the finalization of the previously planned $3 billion deal to purchase the Beats by Dr Dre audio company. This means that from now on, Apple now officially owns the entire Beats by Dre company, whilst Dr Dre has been named the richest rapper to have ever lived.

To celebrate the new $3 billion acquisition, Apple released a brand new ad to showcase the new merger of the iconic Beats Pill and Siri, with the ad starring both, however,  the advertisement has strangely been stripped from the internet since.

Despite Apple now confirming the $3 billion acquisition, we’re still not quite sure what Apple plans to do with the company. Whilst Beats by Dre may be an entirely successful and independent audio company, it is likely that Apple have more plans for Beats by Dre, and I’m sure we can expect some kind of Apple related products making use of the Beats Audio in the future.

Whether we simply see Beats audio integrated into Apple smartphones, similarly to the Beats-HTC era, or whether we actually see some brand new Apple branded Beats audio products over the next few years isn’t clear, but I’d bet that we see some kind of relation to Apple from Beats by Dre fairly soon.

As for the name, despite Beats by Dre no longer being by Dre, it’s likely the name will stick for branding reasons, the main demographic for the audio products probably wouldn’t be so interested in ‘Beats by Apple.’

The name may not have changed, but the nature of the business certainly is about to, so even if the company isn’t called Beats by Apple by name, they certainly will be called that by heart, so it will be intriguing to see the company progress from today.



  1. Shane says

    THIS IS WHO APPLE GAVE $3 BILLION TO: “According to a 1991 Rolling Stone feature, Dre ran into Pump it Up host Dee Barnes at a nightclub on January 27, 1991. According to a statement Barnes later issued, Dre slammed Barnes’ face and the right side of her body into a wall while his bodyguard held onlookers back. He tried to throw her down a set of stairs but failed, before kicking her in the ribs and hands. She ran into the women’s restroom, but he followed her, grabbed her from behind by her hair and started to punch her in the back of the head. Eventually, he fled with his bodyguard.”

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