Kickstarter Presents “Front Nine”

Kickstarter’s “Front Nine”  is an amazing card game for 2 to 4 players. The main objective of players in the game is to compete ane build the best nine hole golf course. Each hole consists of different topography which give access to the and green exits. Players need to ensure that the last hold is near to the club house, for this careful course design and development skills are vital. They must also add a balance of challenging par, some scenery and other required facilities. The course cards in the game depict each hole and after paying the land and resource cost for water, trees and sand, they are laid on the table to depict the actual layout of the game course. In the game, each player have to develop a course from the club house to first tee and from the green to following tee.

In Kickstarter’s “Front Nine” the course of the players also generates an income, which enables them to afford expensive land costs and the resources which are required to build and design every hole. Whoever designs the best links back to the club house, has the best design, Woodland, water hazards and bunkers will win the game.

The game play of Kickstarter’s “Front Nine” comprises of 4 simple yet exciting phases and takes multiple turns to play. The game usually ends in 40-45 minutes. The game consists of 36 course cards, 14  special cards, 3 resource market cards, 4 club house, 4 orange cash cubes, 18 resources cubes,  3 developed resource pawns, a start player token and obviously rules. The game is fun to play, easy to understand and addicting. It is totally mobile so that you can take it any where, at any party or get together to have fun with your friends and family.


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