Kickstarter’s Zombie Killing Game; “District-Z”

Love action? If yes, then this zombie killing board game is just for you. In the news, Kickstarter’s “District-z” is a zombie killing game, which is playable by 2 to 4 players. In kickstarter’s “District-z” the main objective of player is to kill the zombies, stay alive, and escape to the city’s edge safely. The gameplay time is about 30 minute or less. The game is easy to play, understand, and learn. It allow players to get in action right away. The game board is always randomly generated which determines the layout of the city at the start of each game. In the game, you play the role of one of the six survivor. Each of these survivors are granted a special ability which can help them escape to the city’s edge safely.

During each turn in the game, the players get to visit different location cards. Each Location card consist of an event table at the top of its text area. Another thing which makes this game interesting is that, this game is totally customizable. The event table is used to determine what happens as you make your way to the city’s edge safely. Above all, you must be the first one to escape the city in order to win the game

The players have to stay careful as the zombies await around every corner in the game. They are desperate, hungry and eager to sink their teeth into you and make you a member of their growing gang.

Kickstarter’s “District-z” contains 72 professionally-designed cards, 30 location cards, 26 item cards, 6 survivor cards, 6 survivor portrait cards, 4 location objective cards, 6 back zombie combat dice, 6 red survivor combat dice, 5 card stands, 4 city’s edge cubes, 25 wound counters, 25 infection counters, 20 zombie counters and 1 easy to understand rule book. The addicting and easy features of this game makes it a must try.


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