Austrian Student filed action lawsuit against Social Media Giant Facebook

A law student from Austria had filed a class action lawsuit against online social media giant Facebook on top of alleged privacy violations.

Media reports stated that Austrian Max Schrems would like to claim damages of 500 Euros for each user for the alleged violations made by Facebook. He is inviting the 1.32 billion users of the social network to join him on his legal skirmish. He also claimed that Facebook has made numerous violations.

The feisty 26-year old Schrems quipped on Facebook Class Action website, “For this class action lawsuit, we have chosen basic or obvious violations of the law: The privacy policy, participation in the PRISM programme, apps on Facebook Facebook’s graph search, tracking on other web pages and big data systems that spy on users or the non-compliance with access requests.”

Schrems also added, “Our aim is to make Facebook finally operates lawfully in the area of data protection.”

The course of the legal procedures will function as a class action because the Austrian law permits a group of people to transfer their financial claims to a single individual.

This will surely be an uphill battle as this pits David (Schrems) against the behemoth Goliath (Facebook). The result of this scuffle remains to be seen though.


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