Amazon Fire Phone Sizzling Hot at Number 1 in

The Amazon Fire Phone is definitely not on the radars of the experts and critics, but according to the smartphone is their biggest draw to date.

Not regarded as a hot smartphone when it is first rolled out, the Amazon Fire Phone has now gathered momentum and currently sizzling hot. said that the Amazon Fire Phone is now ranked first and it is now the site’s best-selling smartphone. The 32GB Fire Phone variant which boasts of memory storage that is well-liked by the vast majority of their consumers is number 1 on the list.  The Fire Phone is followed closely by Samsung’s Galaxy S5 (black and white variants). Samsung’s Galaxy S4 (Black Mist) checked in at 6th place which is ahead of LG’s G3 smartphone which lies on 7th.

Amazon’s 64GB Fire Phone also made its presence felt as it notched the 15th place position, slightly ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 which took  16th place and a little behind HTC’s One M8 which is at 13th place. Other notable and sophisticated mobile phones that made it into the elite top 20 lists are Samsung’s Galaxy Mega (White and Black) and Samsung Galaxy S4 colors (purple for Sprint).

Though there are no official numbers that are released by just as yet, Amazon’s newly-fangled Fire phone looks so promising. Ironically, the model only has a 3.3/5.0 rating at Amazon which is quite mind-boggling.

The Fire Phone sports an on-screen parallax motion like that of Apple’s and a FireFly feature that let users scan products that they yearns and buy them within few moments at The Fire Phone comes with a generous 13 Megapixels camera which is equipped with an optical image stabilization (OIS), a feature that made Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos claim that the Fire Phone is superior than either the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5 variants.

If you are keen on buying this phone it is actually offered as free with a 1-year Amazon Prime membership, or shell out $199 with a 2-year contract in the US through AT&T. To those who reside outside the United States and linger to have the phone, the Fire Phone can be bought for a price of $649 unlocked from

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