Some residents in Los Angeles reported Facebook Outage to 911

In the United States when an emergency looms it is common for the residents to dial 911 and attempt to seek for urgent help. Rescuers will quickly go to the place to give assistance and help amid accidents and even odd situations.

But last August 1 in Los Angeles, California, some people here have  actually dialed 911 to inform about the outage that took place in the top social media site Facebook. This is indeed strange, quite amusing, illogical and  irrational.

Facebook was offline for short moment during this day. The Facebook outage is not only felt in the United States but also in many other countries. Facebook was down for few minutes but was fully operational after short moments.

The culprit of the outage points toward the technical feature of the site, which is normal and happens rarely. Facebook faced this down time before and there is nothing to be anxious about this problem.

If you have faced the same outage, how will you respond to it? The handful of residents in Los Angeles residents could have perceived that dialing 911 is the best way to solve their current down time problems. The individuals that have responded to the calls really verified that they have received such telephone calls about the Facebook downtime.

Sgt. Burton Brink of the public information office of the Los Angeles County Sheriff in the Crescenta Valley Station, made few tweets to inform the public that it is not appropriate to call 911 for trivial cries for assistance.

Sgt. Brink stated on this tweets that they have no clue as to when the Facebook will go down and when they will restored back online since the social media is a private entity. He also added that the distress call did not come from a single person. Sgt. Brink also said to those callers not to do it again.



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