Apple Inc. mulls over cutting 200 jobs from Dr. Dre’s Beats

The acquisition of Dr. Dre Beats of Apple may displace around 200 employees, but the company is still searching long-term positions for these employees.

Every time when there is an acquisition, buyout or a company takeover taking place, expect that heads will start rolling.

The takeover of Apple over Beats implies that from then on, a number of employees might secure their spots with Apple even for a long-term, while the vast majority will inevitably left out in the colds.

Tom Neumayr, the spokesman for Apple quipped that they are keyed up to have the Beats team linked up with that of Apple’s, and the company already tendered job offers to all of the Beats employees. However, there is an overlap in Apple operations, which make some of the offers limited for a period of time, but Apple will do its best in finding ways to give every Beats employee lasting jobs.

With regards to Beats Music’s Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre (Andre Young), they will all retain their positions within the company, bearing in mind that Apple bought their contracts before they have expired.

The 200 jobs that are put out of place with Apple are caused by redundancies. Job displacement is not an unfamiliar territory for Microsoft as its takeover of Nokia paved the way for a displacement of jobs that reached a staggering number of 18,000.

Apple acquired Beats Music for $3 billion earlier this year. Apple bought headphone variants and an internet music subscription service. The technology of the Beats Music is not compatible with iTunes and still needs hefty budget from Apple to refurbish it in the coming years.


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