Kickstarter’s – Infamy

Kickstarter’s “Infamy” is a skirmish card playing game, which features a hybrid game play. It features a wide range of intricately detailed 32mm scale miniatures.

Kickstarter’s “Infamy” is all about making various interesting stories in battle, so that their can be no faceless grunts. All the models in the game have a great personality and a well defined style. To success at the higher level of the play, the players need to find the right mix of the characters. In the game the players get to build a gang, which should have a balance of intelligence, skills, technology and most importantly, strength. For this reason each miniature has a symbol on it. The kingpins in the game have some special rules which adjusts the balance of gangs. Players can alter their choices at any point, even when the campaign has finished.

Another interesting feature of Kickstarter’s ” Infamy” is that it consists of up and down playing card driven skill system. Each model in the game is dealt an up and down card. If the total of the players is closer to 21,  then a wider the range of skills will be available through which the players can choose. This game is also about defense, – If the players put all of their model’s energy into defense, then you can easily bust by going over 21. After doing this, the players will lose attacking ability, but, the defense will comparitavily increase. Each character in the game has a body armour and get ward points on the wound track. The armor saves the players from major wounds and also record the wounds. The players will always need the kingpin to lead the gang, they can pick anyone to fight side by side for a wide range of tactical options. This game is full of addiction, excitement,  surprises and various intrestng characters, which makes this game a must try.



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