Twitter’s Transparency Report Shows Increase Of Global Requests

Twitter published its 5th biannual Transparency Report on Thursday, showing the constant increase of global requests from government agencies worldwide.

There was an increase of 46% for account information requests from the first half of this year (January – June 2014) with a total of 2,058 of information requests, 3,131 user accounts were specified from 54 countries, while 8 new countries were added. On the other hand, there were 432 requests of content removal and 9,199 copyright notices for copyright infringement.

Twitter said in a blog that they had a meeting with the officials from the United States Department of Justices (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Washington earlier this year to further discuss the national security requests but didn’t make any progress and felt unsatisfied due to DOJ’s restrictions and added, “We are weighing our legal options to provide more transparency to our users.”

The overall findings show that the United States has the major requests for information, accounting to 61% of the overall requests. Meanwhile, out of the remaining 39%, Japan comes next; information requests from Brazil, Spain and Turkey grew more than doubled as stated.

The Transparency Report was first released in July 2012, which includes information requests, removal of accounts, and copyright notices as part of their commitment to provide transparency to users.


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